Will You Become A Biobot?

Every day the horrible stories about adverse reactions and death from the jab are coming out. It is becoming almost a difficult task to keep checking all the multiple news sources that are putting out more and more news about this horrid evil bio-weapon that is being launched at the innocent and unaware people of the world.

What many people do not understand is, this is not a vaccine at all, rather it is a DNA changing “programmable platform” to genetically modify the human being. Many are falling like flies after the jab, and many more are having severe life altering and very harmful reactions to this untested experimental killer jab. You cannot even call it a vaccine, because it is not. It is an experimental biological body changer. After a human takes it, they become a genetically modified organism. A Biobot that can and most likely will be manipulated in the future. Check this out from the linked article here:

“If DNA is programmable, does that mean that those of us who are getting the jab can be programmed and manipulated remotely? YES – absolutely. And I do believe that this experiment on the human race was done with nefarious intentions.”

“Think of our world as one big guinea pig! And the end game is TRANSHUMANISM.”

So, just how would the people that stupidly take a vaccine be manipulated? Can you say that once a Biobot becomes a receiving conductive source of technology we still do not understand, prolly using the 5-G transmissions, it is easy to see how this can be possible. It might be something like a remote controlled toy plane, or anything else that is remotely controlled. Now we see why there is such a rush to advance this killer 5-G and the murderous jab.

What makes this very scary is, what happens when multitudes of people are remote controlled and forced into acting like a hive, or like they are doing with the drones, a swarm of people all acting in accordance with the controllers commands? One can easily see now how these remote controlled Biobots could be formed up into gangs of hunter killer drones that will be going house to house after those who are smart enough to avoid the jab. Hoards of Biobots could be out looking for those people who do not want this dangerous jab that changes their DNA or worse, kills them.

People, we are living in the most dangerous of times of this world. The sad things is, there is no truth in the information flow and worse, no law enforcement to go after these criminals that are way out of control. The money-god has succumbed most people, most politicians, most law enforcement, churches, and even the righteous. The reality of life in the 3-D world is being usurped and turned upside down and no one is paying attention to the grander picture of absolute control and worst of all, the population elimination agenda. Those who control the media, the banks, the information flow, want you all dead one way, or another. What ever you do, never ever take an untested experimental vaccine. The horrors of what is still yet to be revealed is beyond science fiction. This is not a movie, and there are no good guys coming to the rescue. Always follow your heart.



A day after, this article hits the nail on the head! Like minds in tune with Universe/God, are hearing the voices of angels warning of the impending doom if mankind does not wake up and do some real deal stuff to absolutely stop the insane evil that is out of control. So sad that the us law enforcers have turned into the stasi nazi bankster slug minions. All hail the money-god!

Long long has it been felt that the chemtrails contained nanotech that made us conductive receivers and senders of electromagnetic energies that would synergize with the killer 5-G network and Eloy Muck’s satellites world wide. Talk about remote controlled Biobots! Not to be out done though, look out for the zombie hoards coming to a theater near you soon as warned by your Gestapo CDC!

When people get hungry, the stomach becomes god. The babylonians know well how they will play that card. Prepare your neighborhoods accordingly. Grow your own foods and wildcraft your own seeds. You can also save prime organic fruit and vegetable seeds from the foods you get at the health food store.


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